Odor Removal

Odor Removal

Pet Odor Cleaning Products

It’s Just Better to use Bubble Up Technology™ to remove odors in all areas of your home. Bubble Up Technology™ allows you to use fewer and safer chemicals to remove odors everywhere in your home resulting in a healthier home environment. Use the Bio-OX family of products to permanently remove odors around your home and stop coughing, sneezing, choking and itching with traditional odor removal products.

Most odor removal products don’t really remove the odors. That’s why the odor returns after the ‘fresh and clean’ or ‘fruit’ odor dissipates. Air fresheners and air cleaners are loaded with pleasant fragrances that cover up the offending odor. These products do not contain effective technology to actually attack and kill the odor causing material in your home.

The Bio-OX family of products uses revolutionary Bubble Up Technology™ to aggressively seek out the odor causing material and actually kill the odor. The Bio-OX family of products uses no fragrances to cover-up offending odors.

The smell of clean is really…no smell at all!!

It’s Just Better to use Bubble Up Technology™ anywhere you have an unwanted odor. Just spray the product on the area creating the odor and the odor instantly disappears. The Bio-OX family of products can be used in all areas of your home for all unwanted odors.

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The Bio-OX family of products does not use enzymes to remove odors. Enzymes are limited in their ability to remove odors. The microorganisms in enzyme products have a limited shelf life. The odor attacking ability of these products starts losing power as soon as it is bottled. Each enzyme is specifically designed for a specific odor. If you don’t use the proper enzyme, you will not remove the odor. Enzymes require time to remove the odor – if they work at all.

Bubble Up Technology™ used in the Bio-OX family of products kills odors instantly. You don’t have to wait for over-powering fragrances to dissipate to know if the odor will come back. You don’t have to wait hours or days to see if enzyme products worked. You will know immediately because the unwanted odor is gone forever!

It’s Just Better to permanently eliminate odors with the Bio-OX family of products utilizing Bubble Up Technology™ to leave a cleaner and healthier home environment.