Bubble Up Technology

Bubble Up Technology

Bubble Up Technology™ is a revolutionary scientific system developed to completely eliminate stains and odors! Bubble Up Technology™guarantees a cleaner and healthier home when you use the Bio-OX family of products.

Stain Removal

Most stain removal products contain solvents and chemical agents to remove stains from a few surfaces. These products often appear to work initially but after drying either the stain returns or you’re left with a ‘shadow‘ effect on your carpet or upholstery. Solvents can also attack surfaces (like plastics or paint) leaving a permanently damaged area. Traditional stain removal products also create hazardous indoor air environments as the solvents and chemicals evaporate into the air you breath in your home.

Bubble Up Technology™ contains no solvents and only biodegradable and non-irritating detergents to safely and quickly eliminate stains permanently.

Odor Removal

Standard odor removal products don’t really have odor removal properties. By smothering an area with odor masking agents, it only seems as if the odor has disappeared. In fact, the odor-causing chemical is still there and will return once that fragrance has dissipated. Other products use enzymes to remove odors. Enzymes will only work on the specific odor it is designed to attack. Enzymes also have a very limited shelf life. That means you have to keep trying multiple products until you find one that attacks the odor – and before the expiration date.

Bubble Up Technology™ uses revolutionary science to attack odors at the source and convert them into non-odor causing materials, which are permanently removed by the balanced blend of biodegradable and non-irritating detergents.