Professional Window Cleaning Solution

Why Choose SEE-CLEAR?

SEE-CLEAR is a state-of-the-art glass and smooth window cleaning liquid. This ready-to-use professional window cleaning solution quickly and easily cleans and removes stains from hard surfaces and glass. There is no need for harsh chemicals, alcohols, or other toxic chemicals when you have this window cleaning liquid.

Ultimately, SEE-CLEAR house window cleaner leaves your entire home naturally clean. SEE-CLEAR is an ammonia-free window cleaning solution. This non-irritating, quick-drying cleaning liquid works well to clean all glass surfaces efficiently and effectively.

For a tried-and-trusted mirror glass cleaner, you can’t go wrong with SEE-CLEAR window cleaning liquid. Use this professional window cleaning solution on any glass and many other household surfaces, including countertops. This window cleaning liquid will help to prevent drips and streaks on the glass.


SEE-CLEAR window cleaning liquid cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, countertops, and it is also ideal for stainless steel and other hard, washable surfaces. This best cleaning solution with a highly efficient formula is ideal as a light-duty house window cleaner and stain remover on all surfaces. Therefore, this window cleaning liquid becomes a functional product on surfaces. You can even use this on countertops not damaged by water. Use this window cleaning solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Spray a fine mist of SEE-CLEAR window cleaning liquid on the area that you have to clean. Then completely treat the place that you should cleanse. Finally, wipe the area with a clean, lint-free cloth. For best results of using this window cleaning solution, utilize two microfiber cloths for drying and one for polishing.

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with, SEE-CLEAR window cleaning liquid, send the product back to us for a 110% refund.

A few notes:

  1. You can take advantage of this guarantee only if you purchase SEE-CLEAR window cleaning liquid directly from Bio-OX.
  2. We are so confident that SEE-CLEAR mirror glass cleaner works. Thus, we ask you to call us to offer you suggestions before you return the product.
  3. If our suggestions still don’t help, we will give you the return address and a unique return authorization number to return the unused product. A copy of your original invoice will also be there, along with it. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for shipping charges.
  4. Once we receive the product and your original invoice, we will issue a 110% credit for the price of your SEE-CLEAR house window cleaner purchase. The amount is sent to the credit card that you use to purchase the window cleaning liquid initially. Shipping charges cannot be refunded.
  5. This guarantee is only good for 90 days from the purchase date (the day the order is placed).