People are saying great things about Bio-OX!

People are saying great things about Bio-OX!

“This stuff is awesome! It not only works fantastic on pet stains and odors, it also works great on all kinds of other stains on clothes, carpets, etc. We love it!” – Sara

“These is truly the best cleaners I have ever used. It is safe around my animals (pet birds), around me and my family. It cleans just about everything, just like it claims. I am a loyal user of Bio-ox for many, many years. Thank you for continuing to make it available. “ – Janice

“Great customer service. After bladder surgery, our dog urinated on the top couch cushion in his sleep. I thought we were going to have to get rid of the couch. I emailed asking how to use PAWS and got a response with tips that worked! I highly recommend PAWS!” – Kathy

“I always wondered if these testimonials are real. I can tell you based on my experience that this product is a miracle product!” – Betty

“Tremendous product. Been doing carpets for 38 years and Spot-On is the best product I ever used. I used it as a traffic lane spray and it really worked great and I didn’t have to use that much!” – Jim

“I know that this looks spendy so you may be reluctant to buy this. Let me assure you that this product is worth every penny! I have been using it for years. I have used it on carpets, couches, glass, my expensive drapes, and more! I just ordered more and can’t believe I let myself run out!!! What was I thinking?” – Rita

“I love all your products; Bio-Ox, Gotcha, and Paws! They do work great, esp as I have 3 new dogs who are still being housetrained! I can’t see getting anything else to clean up after my dogs. “ – Lori

“I would like to give you some back ground. My husband and I bought a house within the last 8 months. The carpet was mauve and in good condition but very stained in all the rooms. I called in a “dry chem” company that assured me that they could get out all of the stains. They came and cleaned the carpets for me, and to be honest, the carpet was beautiful. We moved in two days later and much to my surprise many of the stains were starting to show up again. They proceeded to continue to all come back. At that point I called the company who cleaned my carpet and they told me that the stains were down into the pad and that any cleaning of the carpets would do the same thing. So needless to say I felt very frustrated.

I recently went to a local spring fair here in Washington State called the “Little Puyallup Fair”. As my family and I were walking around at the end of the day we happened to pass by a booth selling Bio-Ox. The gentleman selling the product listened to my story from above and answered my questions about old stains in carpets. He assured me and guaranteed me that stains would come out of the carpets. I bought two 32 ounces bottles with a spray mixing bottle.

Well, I did everything he told me to do, I did not really believe that the carpets would be “stain free” but was just hoping for the stains to be less noticeable. I sprayed the stains first and let them set while I set up my carpet shampooer, and went over the entire living room. I was really watching for the stains and over two days time I did the entire upstairs. As I said before every room in the house had stains in them, some small some VERY large, as big or bigger than dinner plates. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! Every stain is GONE!!! I have waited a week before I sent you anything, I wanted to make sure that the stains would not come back. THEY HAVE NOT!!!! I am so excited about what your product has done! What dry chemical cleaning could not do your product has done. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I can’t tell you that enough.

I was starting to think of how I could get rid of the carpet and replace it without going farther into debt and you have saved me that cost. I will be telling ALL of my friends and family about your product. If every you need a spokesperson, let me know, I don’t think I will look for any other cleaner, yours does the job, hands down.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you!
 – Lorraine

“I have used Bio-Ox for the last 10years. I use it on my carpet spots, walls, kitchen stove, counter tops, bathroom, in my car. I love that it is safe to animals and humans and has a clean citrus scent. This is my main cleaner in my house. No more having tons of cleaners under the sink. Thank you for making a great and safe cleaner. I wish it would of been around when my kids were young and at home. “ – Renita

“Bio-Ox has by far been the best cleaner I have ever found. It completely removes carpet stains – either full strength, but almost always at light strength in the carpet cleaner machine. Pet odors, kids stains (including dirty diapers!) – no more cat spraying – as a mom & veterinarian, I can truly testify it works!! We use it for counter tops, bathrooms, floors, laundry, carpet, pool – everything.
AND the best part is it is completely 100% safe, no residue and smells incredibly clean. Moved into a new house and cleaned the completely tiled bathroom – spotless and only citrus clean smelling. No perfume odors! Bio-Ox is the best, I continue to purchase it annually – no need to use much!! It is worth the cost 100 times over. Thank you – finally!! (Saw you in a home show 7 years ago & will never use anything else now)!
 – Teri Sue

“I bought some Bio OX at a home show a few years ago and at first I was skeptical at the demo… seemed like snake oil. Soon after my wife and I started using it we were sold on it. One little bottle lasted us for couple years.
I also really like the spray bottles that came with it….. they work much better than the ones available in the stores.
 – Martin & Christa

“I Love Bio-OX! I saw it at the home and garden show and bought it so I could try it for cleaning up cat vomit. But it cleans everything! Being sensitive to most chemicals, its hard for me to find cleaning products that work well- without making me sick. Its amazing that such a gentle product can be so effective. This is without a doubt the best product I have seen. I was particularly impressed with how well it works in the bathroom and on the floor. I’m telling all my friends about bio- ox! Its not just my favorite cleaner, its the only one I use now. Thanks for such a great product!” – Laura

“I have two dogs and two kids Bio-OX is awesome I had really old and new pee stains that I had tried everything to get them out I was about to give up but my dad brought home Bio-OX so I tried it and it worked awsomemly. NO ODER or Stain any more. I only had to soak the spots once it was easy and worked great. I was one of the easyest products I have ever used. It didn’t burn my hands or eyes it doesnt smell bad is great.” – Brooke

“just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our bio-ox and the paws. bio-ox is the one cleaner i use for my house now and the paws came in handy when our one-year-old son took off his diaper and the carpet got serioulsy stained in several placed. the odor and stains are gone! thanks!” – Dana

“We have a home with “too many dogs”. We were going to have 1 litter, keep 1 baby & sell the rest! Didn’t happen. We fell in love with all the babies, so we now have mama, dad & children. Needless to say, keeping our home clean & deodorized had become a real issue. I purchased and tried several products from the pet store with quite unsatisfactory results. I purchased my first bottle of Bio-0x over a year ago from a booth at the fair. I can honestly say it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! Ive found it cleans not only doggie accidents & odor, but everything around the house & is so concentrated it lasts forever.” – Faye

“Bio-Ox just continues to amaze me. I had worn a brand new t-shirt to my son’s soccer practice. During practice, one of the other players kicked that ball and hit him square in the nose. The blood started to run immediately. In tending to his bloody nose, I got blood all over my new shirt. I was so disappointed. I really liked my new shirt. Well, that night before I went to bed, I decided to try Bio Ox on the blood stains. The next morning when I got up, the blood was gone. My shirt was saved. Thank you Bio Ox.” – Pam

“My husband & I have tried other products for cat urine and other pet stains. The others were the recommended by pet store products and all we were left with a residue on our furniture and an odor from the various products. We came across Bio Ox at our Wisconsin State Fair and thought, “Why Not, we’ve tried everything else.” We will NEVER use anything else again! We LOVE Bio Ox. It not only got rid of the odor but also removed old stains and the remnants of the product used before. I use this cleaner on carpet, upholstery and pet bedding in the wash machine. We highly recommend Bio Ox to all of our pet friends and any person we come in contact with at the various pet shows we do for our non profit big cat sanctuary. Thanks Bio Ox and keep up the great work!!!” – Felicia

“I bought Bio-OX thinking it’ll be just like other cleaning products. I was amazed at the cleaning power of it. Have elderly dog that urinate’s all over the house. FIRST time I used this product, I was amazed. IT removed the stains, smells and all. I LOVE it! Won’t use anything else. Plus, it has cut way down on my allergies. Love it. “ – Peggy

“I purchased a quart of Bio-Ox at the WI State Fair in order to try to get rid of the odors and stains left from my older dog’s accidents, since other products I’d tried just seemed to mask the odor. It worked so well that I went back to the Fair and bought a gallon bottle! I’ve been telling everyone how great this product is. Thanks for making my home smell good again!” – Lori

“I bought bio ox from a cheesy snake oil salesman at a home show a few years ago….and I’ve been using it ever since. I don’t think yor web page really does it justice. I am amazed how well it works on windows…including the wood stove glass….countertops and Crome. You should tell how it eliminates the constant waste of buying spray bottles of cleaners for every little cleaning task. Many products that claim to be natural and green are not really green at all.” – Martin

“I just want everyone to know how good this really works. I have left one testimonial over a year ago. I have since then bought several more bottles. I use it to clean my carpets. I first got this to use as my cat had gone pee on my furniture as he was mad. I tried everything including carpet people coming out to treat. It was the only thing that worked for us. Now I use it to clean my carpets. My dog got into a black ink pen and chewed it up on my carpet. there was a nice black pen ink stain. We sprayed it, cleaned it and it was GONE. Then my son who tracked in greas from the garage after working on his car, yup, he got it on the carpets and again, used this product and it removed it all. I have to say, this is the best stuff ever. Now I am moving to a new house where some lady lived and had 1 cat. OMG the house is just covered in cat pee. Every where you pull up carpet there is cat pee. The worst I have ever smelled. Everything will be replaced in the house but I have 4 cats and a dog. The last thing i need is for them to find that smell and start to pee in the same spots this cat had gone in. I plan to spray this house as I trust that it will work as it has for me in the past. I love this stuff. It works for everything. I work for an apartment complex, in the past they have tried to treat where my can had gone pee, they were just amazed that there was no odor or sign that any animal had gone poty in the areas they tried to treat and did not work.
I swear, if you try it, you will love it. Its the best stuff around. I use this to clean my carpets as well as just to spray dirty dog smells and in my wash. Here is one last story, my son who works on his car gets greas on his clothing. He had forgot to change his clothes and got some grease all over his jeans. They sat for 2 days before I noticed. I sprayed his pants and lets sit for about 20 min. and put into the wash along with some tide. ALL GONE! You will not be disapointed. Its just the best stuff ever!
I will send another after I move to let you know if it worked in the new home to remove the pet smell. I am 100% sure it will work. (Iam trusting this product before a company who will be sealing and treating) Thats how much I trust this GREAT Bio-Ox.
 – Wendy

“We have been using Bio-ox product for about 5 years now. When we started, we had an older dog and older cat. It was fantastic to use to cleanup after them. Once they passed on, we got 2 puppies, and the cleaning continues. We also use it for spots on clothing. One day I burned some soup majority to the point I thought I would have to throw the pan out. I decided I would give the Bio ox a try. Filled the pan to the top of the burn line with a 50% solution. Next morning, it was like I had a new pan! Love this stuff!.” – Kim

“I was at the fair and found this product. I had a cat that had peed every where…on my couch, my bed..any where he could go other then the litter box. I tried EVERY thing I could..I even took my coushions into the tub and had washed did not work. The sales man told me this would work or my money back! My grandma says to me, dont waste your money on this, its just a scam. Let me tell you..IT WORKED!! I love it, use it to clean my carpets just because. I no longer have any cat pee smell any where in my house, not on any part of my furniture! IT works…I LOVE IT AND now I am buying more! “ – Wendy

“Among the many uses for Bio-OX, I use 12.5% strength to clean fingerprints from CD’s, DVD’s & Game discs. Works GREAT!” – Jerry

“While we were cleaning up after our Thanksgiving dinner I found that someone had spilled (and squished) cranberry sauce into the carpet. I sprayed Bio-Ox onto it and gently worked it over the stain with my fingers and blotted it with a paper towel. The stain disappeared like magic. One of my guests was watching me wide-eyed and asked “what in the world are you using?!” She was amazed. I’ve used Bio-Ox for 5 years now on pet stains and I can’t be without it now. It’s magic in a bottle!!” – D

“This stuff is Amazing! We had an older dog who had sinus problems where periodically he would have nose bleeds. He would sneeze clots of blood everywhere! Carpets,walls, cabinets, you name it. We would spray a little Bio-ox on the stains and watch them disappear! We now have a new puppy, so time for a new bottle! I highly recommend Bio-ox to friends and family anytime I can. This stuff is the best biodegradable cleaner on the market.” – Sandra

“Two weeks ago my cat got very sick and needed to be put down but not before she had entirely ruined our upstairs carpeting. While at the State Fair I walked by this product and despite my husbands claims that this product wouldn’t work I figured that spending a small amount of money to try would be worth trying to save our upstairs so I bought it. I applied it to the stains and then went to answer the phone. When I came back I had to feel for the wet area because the color and smell disappeared almost instantly. Since then I have used it on all of my appliances and it has nearly replaced every other cleaner. I am here ordering more and giving some to my mom too. We are sad about our kitty but happy that we don’t have any lingering reminders either. Thank you!” – Lorraine

“I own a cleaning business for both commercial and residential. I used to cart around a minimum of six cleaning agents, but not anymore! Bio-Ox is the most incredible cleaning agent of the decade. Some of my clients have pets, others have specific illnesses that do not tolerate scents of any kind. Bio-Ox is perfect! It not only cleans everything (and I do mean everything), it doesn’t leave your home or office smelling like stale perfume. The only smell you get is CLEAN! From carpets to walls, baseboards to ceilings this product is a “must have” for anyone who cleans anything, cars, boats, houses, offices – you name it, Bio-Ox will clean it. “ – Margo

“Our German Shepherd had surgery to remove some growths off the base of her tail. When we picked her up at the vet that evening all was well.
We put her in the car and headed off for the 20 minute drive home. It was dark in the car and all seemed well, BUT when we took her from the car she had been bleeding. There was a HUGE puddle of blood about the size of a large mans fist on the tan velour back seat, plus smears all over. So, my husband took the dog to clean her up and I ran into the house and got the Bio-Ox. I started with blotting up the blood, the started spraying and blotting. When I had a good portion up and pulled out the mini carpet cleaner and added 1 cup to the tank and filled up up the rest of the way with water. It took me about and hour to pull all the blood out of the worst spot. I just checked this morning and the seat is spotless! If it hadn’t of been for the Bio-Ox I don’t think I would have that tan seat clean..THANK YOU! I’m going to order another gallon right now as I have 2 cats and 2 German Shepherds 🙂
 – Barbara

“Your product is amazing.
We can not live without it, we have three cats and the accidents they have are very easily cleaned up with your product.
We have tried many other cleaners and yours is the only one that eliminates the stain fully with out a residue.
We have praised your product to all of our friends and family.
 – Kris

“I LOVE this product!! I have been using it for 5 plus years. I have 3 cats and sometimes they get sick with (yuk) hairballs, and often it is on my carpet, well this product gets it out and never leaves a stain…my carpet is White. So thats a plus that it can keep it white!!! I can’t live without this product… Thank you so much!!” – Darlene

“When my son was four, he decided since I was busy he’d attempt making his own kool-aid. After opening the package his attention was drawn to the family room sliding door (a room I’d just installed new taupe colored carpeting in). In his excitement he spilt the entire package of dry unsweetened Cherry Kool-aid on the carpet. He (operating at a four-year olds’ brain capacity) reasoned he better clean it up quick before Mom sees it. Going to the kitchen he saturates a wash cloth and proceeds to try to clean up the red powder creating a 1+ foot red dye stain on my new carpet. I left the stain untouched until I could find a product proven to work as I knew multiple cleaning attempts would lessen the chance of complete spot removal. Three months later I saw a Bio-Ox demonstration at the Clark County fair using the same red Kool-aid! I bought it that day, removed the stain completely and to this day use no other cleaning products in my home as Bio-Ox has never let me down. It has removed yellowing on 75yr old doilies, mold from white pants (sealed in bag wet and forgotten), moss from my cement walkway, blood and grass stains, etc. etc. Thank-you for an amazing product! Cheryl – Vancouver WA” -Cheryl

“I purchased Bio-ox from a booth at our state fair. I’ve been more than pleased with all-purpose everyday use around the house. One day a friend’s dog had an accident on our light colored carpet, leaving a dark brown poopie stain. I grabbed the bio-ox, sprayed the spot and quickly went to the kitchen to get rags for the clean up. I was shocked! By the time I got back into the living room, I couldn’t find the spot! It had absolutely disappeared! I’m ordering the gallon size today! I’m sold!” – Gloria

“It seems like every day I find a new use for Bio Ox. I was trying to clean off my dry erase board, but the ink wouldn’t come off. I had wrote phone numbers on it over 2 years ago and wanted to update them. But the ink would not come off no matter what I tried. My husband told me to just throw it away and buy a new one. So as a last resort, I sprayed a little Bio Ox on it and started rubbing it with a sponge. I was amazed….right before my eyes the ink was coming off. I was able to clean the entire board with very little effort. Bio Ox has saved me money time and time again. It has paid for itself in the first month of using it. What a great product to have in my house.” – Pam

“I have loved your product for over three years. I use it for everything. While shopping, I smduged red lipstick on a new all white cotton blouse. Red lipstick, the enemy of all cleaning products. I began spraying Bio-OX directly on the stain. I kept re-applying it every two hours, and onec before I went to bed. The next morning it was completely gone. We have an old cat, and bless his heart, he has accidents in our home. I began spraying Bio-OX to the carpet stains and within an hour or two, not only the stain is gone but the odor is completely removed. Love this product.” – Renee

“I wanted to let you know that your stuff worked.
Had a milk spill in the van near a side door. Milk was dripping from the bottom of the van.
I made a double strong solution (two cups) and just let it soak in to the car’s carpet and let it drip out of bottom. Worked great.
 – John

“I recently bought your product at the clark county fair and fell in love with it! I was wondering if you will be at the oregon state fair this year? i will be sending all my freinds to try it and stock up myself. Thankyou” – Erica

“I just want you to know that PAWS is the very best product I have ever used! I have been using this for years now and I recommend it to everyone. We are in the process of building an animal shelter for our community and one day I hope that we can sell this product in our shelter. We’re hoping to put your link on our new website once we get it in place. It is truly the BEST! Thank you! Karen Rau, Marshfield, WI” – Karen

“The Paws cleaning product is awesome…its the best product that I’ve found for clean up when my dog has had accidents. Love this product!!!” – Belinda

“I always wondered if these testimonials are real. I can tell you based on my experience that this product is a miracle product! I tried this for the first time when we were preparing to sell our previous home. We had so many pet stains in 2 “favorite” spots that nothing worked to remove them. Also,I had resorted to using heavy air fresheners to mask the scent. I came across PAWS on the internet when it was mentioned on a petcare site. It sounded too good to be true. I even called the company to ask about the prodict and the representative told me that she uses it herself and it realy does take out old and new stains. I decided to give it a chance hoping that it would work for me. I really did not want to replace the carpet before selling the house. I ordered it and it amazingly took out all stains except a spot on the carpet that had been beached bu another pet stain remover(that did not work).
Not only did it remove the old stains it completely removed the odor!!
I only wish that I had found this in the beginning and it would have prevented the stains I had in the carpet.
I have just odered a new supply and plan to continue using it as needed. I am a true believer in PAWS and recommend it without hesitation.It is amazing!
 – Betty

“Imagine a white sofa wioth a soft silk finish and a twoo year old running across it with chococlate in his mouth dribbling all the way across the seat of the sofa, thick chocolate sludge ! His poor Mom was distraught, and we were unperturbed, just happy to see him having fun…the stains with your magical Bio-ox were gone in a jiffy. Mom could not believe it…and sighed with relief. Braveo again Bio-Ox for saving the day. “ – Susan

“Wanted to let you know that we’ve received the four bottles of PAWS, we ordered only a few days ago. Thank you for your quick service; since we’ve had five dogs over the years, we’ve grown quite fond of your product — it does everything as advertised.” – Cindy

“PAWS is the only pet odor remover I’ve found that cleans well enough to keep the pet from peeing in the same place again. LOVE IT” – Catherine

“Never have I purchased anything so good!! Just as soon as i received it, i tried it out on my carpet that my two little dogs (I’M potty training) had used the bathroom on.. This is the best i have ever seen and it did the job.. Took out the smell and you would never know a stain had been anywhere on my carpet.. For once, a product that does what it said it would do.. Thanks ever so much!!!” – Mary

“I ordered as a sceptic the first time 2 years ago and now am a returning customer quite frequently. PAWS is awesome as well as the citrus concentrate. When it is time to wash the “Pet Bedding” we use about 1/2 cup to a cup of the citrus concentrate or even the PAWS in the washing machine and the pet odors aren’t masked, they are gone! I can’t tell you how many people I have referred to you that also think your wonderful.” -Elizabeth

“I bought my first Bio-Ox at the state fair with the usual amount of skepticism, but it has worked perfectly on the stains and odors from my 3 dogs. Recently, one of my dogs got his foot caught in something and came home tracking blood all over the carpet and the hardwood floor. I gave a quick spritz to the blood on the floor, and then tended to the dog and the carpet. When I came back to the hardwood, I could see where I had sprayed – with absolutely no trace of blood. It was just gone. Amazing.” – Ginny

“We’ve been using Bio-OX for several years, having first seen it at the Puyallup Fair in 2005. We go back every year for the refill.
Especially great for pet stains on carpet, and general carpet cleaning.
Great for the tough jobs in my pick up after hunting season” – Jeff

“I came home late one night to find that my dog was sick and had dark runny stools over a 3’x4′ area on cream-colored carpet. I soaked up as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels, then used Bio-ox on the remaining stains, placing clean white towels over the area and boards over the towels. As the area was so wet, I replaced the towels the following day. After the carpet dried, it was impossible to see where the stains had been. Amazing! It’s nice to know that I can gets spots and odors out rather painlessly.
Another time,
a 3-year old dotted the cream colored carpet with yellow highlighter over a 2′ – 3′ area. Someone else tried to clean up the spots, but only suceeded in making it worse and leaving a large spot where dirt had risen to the surface. I sprayed the area, rubbed it, and placed a couple white towels over it. I placed a large board over the top and came back the next day. Not only was the carpet clean, but the bottom of the towel was too. I was suprised and pleased to see that the side of the towel that had been next to the board had a dirt ring and yellow spots on it. The stains had lifted clear through to the top of the towel!
 – Jonna

“You have an excellent product. Our 17 yr old dog has been having urine accidents and we fouund one probably a couple of months old and Bio-Ox took care of it. A superb product. This is the second year we have purchased it from a Wisconsin state fair booth. Thank you and keep up the great work.” – Randy

“Bio-Ox is the best ever cleaning solution. One full bottle of red wine spilled over a cream hour before guest were arriving…within half an hour there was not a trace. Red wine absorbed firstly by paper towels, then we sprayed the whole of the area with the diluted Bio-Ox….mopped again with the paper towels..sprayed and left the Bio-ox for maybe 20 mins..gently mopped with a hand towel and stain was removed…we would not be without this product in our home. Bravo Bio-Ox and many thanks for saving our day.” – Susan