Removing Pet Odors

Removing Pet Odors

PAWS – Pet Odor Removers

Do you have a yellow stain in the middle of your living room carpet? Has the smell of urine coming from the corner in your dining room become too much to bear? If so, you’re not alone. Pet owners every where will admit the only downside to having a furry friend provide unconditional love is the occasional stain on the carpet or undesirable odor.

In many cases, the pet accident penetrates deep into the carpet. We think we clean thoroughly, but we only clean the surface. In another day or two the unsightly stain works its way back to the top of the carpet. This is called wicking, and it’s very frustrating, for with the stain comes the odor.

There are ways to remove the odor. A variety of home remedies might work. One can use baking soda, vinegar or even a manufactured cleaning product, but if the stain has penetrated deep down into the carpet, the odor is sure to come back. Spray deodorants only mask the stain. So what’s a pet owner to do?

Why not clean up after your pet using oxygen technology? By using an oxygen technology product you’re using a safe, chemical-free product. Bio-OX products, such as PAWS (Pet Accident Washup Solutions), use oxygen-based Bubble Up technology to penetrate the stain, getting deep down into the carpet. This will prevent the returning stains and odors.

When you use an oxygen technology product you’re using a product that retains its power, no matter how long it sat on a shelf. You see, most enzyme based cleaners weaken over time. Because oxygen cleaning products contain no enzymes, their strength lasts. This means you can use these products for odor removal for as long as you own the product, even if it sits in your cabinet for months.

If your carpet smells like pet stains what do you do? Spray a floral smelling product over the stain, right? Breathe deep, what do you smell? Floral smelling pet odors! That’s because you’re just covering the stain. After cleaning with oxygen-based Bubble Up technology, you’ll smell absolutely nothing! That’s because clean smells like….nothing! It doesn’t smell like lemon; it doesn’t smell like bleach. Clean doesn’t have any odor at all.

Instead of cleaning the surface, PAWS contains odor-free bubbles that penetrate deep into the fibers of the stained material. Not only does oxygen technology render it clean and odorless, but it sanitizes the area as well. This is much healthier for your family than the highly touted products that clean only surface dirt and odors. The best part is: once the stain is removed, it doesn’t return. Oxygen technology gets to the root of the problem so wicking doesn’t occur. You’ll never have to smell unpleasant pet odors caused by lingering stains again!