Mattress Cleaning Tips

Mattress Cleaning Tips

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Mattress Stains and Odors?

Liquid spills, such as that of urine, vomit, juice and other drinks, can saturate absorbent materials, such as a mattress, well beyond the surface area that can effectively be cleaned, leaving behind stains and odors. It is extremely difficult to remove an entire liquid spill from inside a mattress, thereby creating ideal conditions for bacteria and mold growth (and thus malodors). Mold and mildew inside of a mattress are difficult to remove completely. However, you might not be ready to replace your mattress just yet.

First, blot up as much of the liquid spill as possible with a clean, white, absorbent cloth. Then, simply spray a dilution of Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate on the soiled area. Allow the Bio-OX solution to penetrate for approximately 5 minutes. Using a clean, white, absorbent cloth, blot the area, pressing down firmly (do not rub) for 30 seconds. Repeat this blotting process until the area is dry. If the stain odor persists, repeat the process.

The dyes in Kool-Aid, Gatorade and Jell-O generally result in a permanent stain; however, after blotting up as much of the liquid as possible, you can try to. Put some clear, non-sudsy household ammonia in a clean spray bottle. Take a clean, white, absorbent cloth and dampen it with water. Heat your iron to Medium-High. Spray the stain with the ammonia. Place the dampened cloth over the stain. Iron the cloth over the stained area. Make sure to keep your face away from the ammonia fumes. Respray the stain as needed and redampen the cloth (don’t let it dry out). The dye should lift into the cloth.